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31 Dec 11, 06:01
Dear friends,

Hope you have a very healthy and peaceful year in 2012.

Happy New Year everyone !


with metta,


31 Dec 11, 14:19
Happy New Year Dazz and for all of you,


letting go
31 Dec 11, 14:26
wishing all a healthy year free of suffering

i'll do my usual and sleep through midnight
the early morning on 01jan is beautifully quiet and peaceful

Jay O
31 Dec 11, 23:34
2012 is almost here, the year of enlightenment for all... i've got 4 hours, and 28 minutes, here or there, now and then, say or not, count on me for another year, to help awakening all

01 Jan 12, 03:17
i'm listening to this, my new years alone. this song reminds me of the monks, priests and wonderful nuns of the sangha. despite the christian lyrics, my buddhist teachers dress my wounds.

hope you like it as i do.


Dharma Dave
01 Jan 12, 10:18
Wishing you all the best for 2012 (or 2555 if you are in Thailand, lol).

Apparently the world is going to blow up this year or it's going to be a start of some golden age, according to the followers of the modern interpretation of the Mayan Calender. All I can conclude that I can't live my life by auspicious dates, but try to live in the moment, be adaptable and mindful of the ups and downs of life, and try not to take things too personally.

Wishing all beings at ease


03 Jan 12, 14:12
2012... Enjoy!

08 Jan 12, 00:07
Curiously enough Dharma Dave I have friends who are advocates of the whole golden age/imminent destruction point of view of new age philopsophies - for me it seems that the whole cycle will carry on as it always has done - the poor will stay poor and the rich will get richer at the hands of the poor, Samsara will cycle on as it always done and imminent apocalyptic events will make very little difference in the scheme of things, that and the fact that there was a serious climatological event at the end of the last Mayan long count I saw on a discovery documentary that makes peple think theres going to be some big change at the end of the next cycle. Anyway I'm musing whimsical so I'll let you get on with your discussion.

Jay O
10 Jan 12, 22:43
I've made a 2012 new year stick staff, it's about 2 feet long, carved out of aspen branch, and has 12 carved additions to it for each month of the year, and I wood burn (with a pyrography tool) each number for what day it is, when the day arrives I put either a silver or gold thumb tack by the number day it is, and when it gets past 12-21-2012 I'm throwin' it in the lake out back, so it can float til it sinks, in 2013 or something, it might just sink quick because of all the tack weight

I just went in back and ahhhh, smells sooo gooood back there, am dehydrating apple slices.

Back to New Year Stick talk! Oh, it has a short limb on it that acts as a hook holder, so I can balance it on any flat edge, and it sways in a point motion, sooo gracefully.

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11th January

Hi all,

Thank you very much for the contributions to this Happy New Year thread. I hope you have a good year in 2012.

Weekly chat can be continued on 'How was your week'.

with kind wishes