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29 Dec 11, 23:15
I've just joined so am saying hello.

I've been practising (well trying to) for ten years with varying degrees of success and right now am at a cross roads deciding whether to continue with formal practice at all. Perhaps this forum will help guide me in some way with that.

Loving Kindness, mindfulness and some vipassana have been the constants of my practice over the years.

A physical condition has been making it harder for me to sit formally these days so I've developed a wonderful driving meditation practise on my 40 minute commute to and from work.

In 2012 I hope to find new encouragement and direction by going on retreat.

Thanks for the opportunity to connect.

may you be happy and well.

29 Dec 11, 23:17
Hi pils -welcome to the group !

With kind wishes,


30 Dec 11, 00:09
Hello plis,

Be welcome to BWB!

Hope we can be a factor for encouragement in your practice.

Members here are from different traditions and at different levels of development so you will find different approaches about Buddhism and its practice.

Felt free to ask and join into the discussions and debates.


30 Dec 11, 08:35
Welcome to the forum pils ;D

30 Dec 11, 09:13
Hi pils :wave: welcome to the group! I hope 2012 brings you the encouragement and direction you are looking for.