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28 Dec 11, 02:46
I grew up Roman Catholic and part of my resonates with the feeling of reverence for spiritual objects. I don't think this is unreasonable, but I feel funny in light of being under the impression that I must scrutinize everything and be completely rational and critical.

Please share with me your practices for cultivating devotion to the buddha and/or specific boddhisattvas, making aspirations to emulate their actions and wisdom.

I'd like to hear some scripture on the subject. I practice with a Zen community, and I am familiar with a certain affinity for the Boddhisattvas Jizo and Kannon there. If anyone has any feedback on these specifically, please send me a private message so as not to make this serious inquiry/thread seen like a platform for zen buddhism specifically.

28 Dec 11, 04:13
For myself...after all these years, with all of the external practices done, this passage still rings fresh for me internally...

Then the Blessed One said to Ven. Ananda, "Ananda, the twin sal-trees are in full bloom, even though it's not the flowering season.
They shower, strew, & sprinkle on the Tathagata's body in homage to him. Heavenly coral-tree blossoms are falling from the sky...
Heavenly sandalwood powder is falling from the sky... Heavenly music is playing in the sky... Heavenly songs are sung in the sky, in homage to the Tathagata.

But it is not to this extent that a Tathagata is worshipped, honored, respected, venerated, or paid homage to.
Rather, the monk, nun, male lay follower, or female lay follower who keeps practicing the Dhamma in accordance with the Dhamma, who keeps practicing masterfully, who lives in accordance with the Dhamma: that is the person who worships, honors, respects, venerates, & pays homage to the Tathagata with the highest homage.

So you should train yourselves: 'We will keep practicing the Dhamma in accordance with the Dhamma, we will keep practicing masterfully, we will live in accordance with the Dhamma.' That's how you should train yourselves."