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letting go
23 Dec 11, 23:04
i've lurked on this site for awhile and finally have a little free time to post...4 days off from work!
i'm starting to learn the basics of buddhism and am impressed by the knowledge and experience of many members here
i grew up in the inner city, served 4 years in the army (stationed in germany and iraq)...spent a little time in college afterwards, doing my best parenting 3 children
happy being single...as well as a minimalist
enjoy reading, nature and spending time outdoors...
would like to hike the appalachian trail someday...my son and i are planning on doing this after he graduates high school (if work allows)
enough about me...thanks to all who make this site what it is
trying to cultivate loving kindness toward all

23 Dec 11, 23:36
Thank you joe for this beautiful shearing!


27 Dec 11, 07:42
Welcome to the forum Joe ;D

27 Dec 11, 08:02
A warm welcome Joe, I hope you'll like it here.

with kind wishes


28 Dec 11, 10:08
Welcome Joe :wave:

Wouldn't it be great to hike the appalachian trail with your son? I do hope that work allows when he graduates high school...


letting go
31 Dec 11, 14:42
thank you