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19 Dec 11, 09:30
Just joined,

and am a vegan of 20 years standing.

19 Dec 11, 09:43
Hi openmind,

Welcome to the group.

If you are a beginner to Buddhism, please feel free to ask the other members questions in our Buddhism for Beginners forum - and there are some helpful resources there near the beginning of the topic list.

and am a vegan of 20 years standing

I'm a vegetarian myself - and when I was younger was a vegan for about a year.

I don't try to convert others however, its up to them - and not all Buddhists are vegetarian anyway.

with kind wishes,

Aloka ;D

19 Dec 11, 09:56
Hello openmind, and welcome.

I have great respect for vegans. I've been fully vegetarian for tens of years, but I've found it too difficult to be completely vegan.

If you feel like discussing Vegan cooking, the Tea Room would be the right place to do it.


19 Dec 11, 21:11
welcome openmind

20 Dec 11, 03:55
Great Openmind!

I am a vegan too. Welcome to the club,

and to BWB,


23 Dec 11, 21:11
Welcome to the forum openmind ;D

28 Dec 11, 10:48
Hi openmind :wave: