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18 Dec 11, 13:10
Hello. I have recently started my practice with the help of "Mindfulness In Plain English" by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. We are fortunate enough in my small town to have a small temple with two monks from Thailand (although only one speaks English). I hope to learn more here.

18 Dec 11, 13:32
Hi Steephu, welcome to the group !

You might like to supplement what you've learnt already with "What is Buddhism" which you can read and listen to at the same time, - and also "On the Four Noble Truths," both which are near the beginning of the topic list in General Buddhist Discussions.

with kind wishes,

Aloka ;D

18 Dec 11, 15:05
Hello Steephu,

Be welcome to the forum!

Yes, it is a fortune to have a temple near your location... please, share with us your experiences.


19 Dec 11, 15:35
Thanks for the tips Aloka. I found those threads to be very informative. Aside from the temple, we also have a meditation group that meets weekly (at the Episcopal church where I have been attending). So I have some good resources nearby. Thank you for the well wishes.

19 Dec 11, 21:10
welcome Steephu

23 Dec 11, 21:05
Welcome to the forum Steephu ;D

28 Dec 11, 10:44
Hi Steephu :wave: