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09 Dec 11, 13:57
Morning all, just located your little corner of the internet and thought 'I'd like to have a chat with these good folk'.

I grew up in a Unitarian household, and even then it was only in name. I hadn't been INSIDE a church until I was in 7th grade -- with by best friend's family (though, really, It was just the way we could hang out later on Saturday nights when they'd pile into the minivan and head to our local mega-church).

It wasn't long before I got the game of the UU's (the I'm-more-tolerant-than-you-are) and decided on Atheism as my personal game. To this, I held for a long time as truth, and it was in that mindset that I thought most of the 'Creation' of existence. I had, after years, concluded that it just is and there really is nothing I can do about the fact that is is, just that it is. That realization led me to agnosticism, which I have held since.

Well, until about last week. I had listened to Alan Watts lecture before, but I had come into a series of TEN of his lectures (The Nature of Consciousness, for those curious), and with every passing Disc I found the things he speaks of not only compelling in their own right from an Intellectual standpoint, but much of it resonated deep within my heart. It's something I don't remember experiencing.

And now I don't know what to believe. The core, fundamental aspects which Watts lays out in terms of Metaphysics are almost identical to the ones that I had come to realize on my own, and I thirst for more information on the subject (which is why I'm here).

I look forward to playing Hide and Seek with you all.

09 Dec 11, 14:48
Hello You,

Be welcome to BWB.

We have at the "Buddhism for Beginners" forum a couple of resources:

"On the Four Noble Truths: Tamara Engle (http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/forumdisplay.php?14-Buddhism-for-Beginners)


"What is Buddhism?" (http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/forumdisplay.php?14-Buddhism-for-Beginners)

Both articles are intended to get started in the general principles of what Buddha taught.

Also "Buddhism for Beginners" is a forum to ask questions about doubts and concerns with the basic features of this teaching.

Kind wises,


09 Dec 11, 14:50
Hi You,

Welcome to the group !

I'm not really an Alan Watts fan myself. He was from the UK (like myself) - and he was a hippy alcoholic and drug taker who was interested in Zen as well as in his own philosophy, at the time people first started being interested in Buddhism over here in the 1960's. He died from alcohol related causes.

As we are a Buddhist learning community I suggest you familiarise yourself with the core teachings of the Buddha and if you want to ask questions about them , please feel free to ask them in the Beginners forum.

with kind wishes,

Aloka-D ;D

09 Dec 11, 14:57
I was also raised as a UU and then became an atheist. And now I am Buddhist. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay.

09 Dec 11, 14:59
Sorry guys,

What is "UU"?


09 Dec 11, 15:32
What is "UU"?
This? (http://www.uua.org/)

09 Dec 11, 16:03
It seems,

Thanks plwk... ;D

10 Dec 11, 18:08
Hello You,

Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries. We don't play "I'm-more-tolerant-than-you-are" here. Most of us ARE tolerant of all varieties of belief, but sometimes people get attached to their views and there are spats.

As you have already discovered for yourself, Buddhists don't subscribe to the concept of a Supreme Being, or to the idea of a soul, or salvation of the soul. This puts them much closer to Atheism than anything else.

Kaarine has already mentioned we have some resources to get you started. As the Four Noble Truths is a good starting point, why not put a post in the "Buddhism for Beginners" forum expressing your interpretation of them, and see what kicks off?

11 Dec 11, 01:06
Hi Aloka

U.U. Unititarian Universalist........but U.U are a Buddhist

12 Dec 11, 08:03
Welcome You :wave:

14 Dec 11, 06:40
Welcome to the forum You ;D