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08 Dec 11, 15:42
hello, greetings from the pacific northwest of the united states. i live in corvallis, oregon, and practice with the white plum soto zen community affiliated with great vow zen monastery in klatskinie, oregon.

i am 24 years old, and a former student at college who was majoring in political science. though i practice with the zen community here, i privately study the writings of a few drukpa kagyu teachers such as jetsunma tenzin palmo. for the last few months i have been reading a translated tibetan work on mahamudra meditation, and exploring the natural, non-dual state of the mind constitutes the technique involved in my own mindfulness practice.

i have recently finished reading a book titled 'pruning the bodhi tree,' which explores the alledgedly heretical nature of some east asian teachings. also, the heretical alledgations levied towards the teaching emphasis on non-duality contained in the vimalakirti sutra.

08 Dec 11, 15:55
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14 Dec 11, 07:47
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