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07 Dec 11, 11:40
ok so heres the story. i am bipolar, i have Major depression disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorder, ptsd and a.d.d (i know thats alot but im being totally honest with you) i have been in psychiatric hospitals 12 times, and arrested once for assaulting someone when i was having a break down...i dont want you to think im a bad person, but thats just what happened. ive been like this since i was 13 years old (im 20 now) and for the longest time i used to cut myself with whatever i could get my hands on that was sharp. my arm is completely scarred up. well 2 years ago i quit cutting. it was hard because i was addicted to it. but i completely ruined it by cutting the other night i was just so angry at my dad who was screaming at me and i was so depressed, i had been used by a boy and i couldnt take it. now i feel like a moron. and now i cant stop doing it again. ugh. i dont know what to do. any suggestions?

07 Dec 11, 12:03
Hey 37, I'm so sorry to hear what is going on with you right now.

Two years ago when you quit, did you have help? If you did, then it's time to turn to that person now and let them know what is happening. I would strongly encourage you to get some offline support with this.

You are not a moron, you stopped once you can stop again. I stopped smoking about 5 times before it stuck, our addictions are difficult to quit. If they weren't they wouldn't be addictions!

You haven't completely ruined anything. Make sure that the cuts you have made have been treated so they don't get infected, pick someone offline to talk to and start quitting again. One day at a time.


07 Dec 11, 12:24
There are no magic remades and no magic words, you need to work at it if you really want to improve.
There are 2 things that come to mind.

Look at what motivates your actions and keep looking.
Speak to your doctor, It's impossible for anyone here to fully understand your needs via the internet and to know how to help.
good luck

07 Dec 11, 14:43

I am sorry to hear of the issues you are facing, but this is not the place to seek help.

The two members who have replied have given you the only advice that is possible: Get help off-line from professionals.

We address the subject of mental health in our Code of Conduct, to which all members have to agree as a condition of joining this forum:

Members suffering from mental illnesses

17.Members who are suffering from serious mental illnesses are advised to seek diagnosis and treatment from offline health professionals.

Please do not use the forums here to discuss all the details of your symptoms and difficulties, because we are not able to provide the professional counselling and help required.