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21 Nov 11, 11:41
Hello, my name is Ron. Ive been studying religion since I was about 13 years old. Im 25 now. Im a relatively nice guy even if at times I do get frustrated with the ignorance in the world. Ive flirted with Buddhism alot in the past. Only recently have I actually begun to really "get" it. My dream is to see a modernization of Buddhism and a Unification of all the different sects, because I truly believe through my readings of them that they all teach the same truth. It would be wonderful if there was no more Shin Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Nicheren Buddhism, Won Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, etc., but simply BUDDHA DHARMA. I still have alot to learn and a long way to go. An eternity really :cool: I look forward to discussing things and both being helped by and helping others.

21 Nov 11, 11:55
Hello Ron, I think I already welcomed you in another thread - but welcome again - and thanks for telling us something about yourself !

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Aloka-D ;D

21 Nov 11, 13:07
My dream is to see a modernization of Buddhism and a Unification of all the different sectsThat's quite some dream you have there. It will not happen, not in 20.000 years would it happen. Think of any group of people you like, religious or not. After some time together they will split into 2 camps, those who want to stick with tradition and those who want to modernise to meet the current situation. This has been the basic reason for all groups splitting over the years and Buddhism is no exception.

21 Nov 11, 13:17
I know, its sad...if I ever have the money (not likely but hey), Id like to at least make a Buddhist world library that contains at least one copy of every scripture from every sect and a huge non-sectarian meditation hall that could be used by all buddhist sects and would regularly have sessions from the different schools, so they could all come and try eachother out and discuss/debate until their hearts content...or until they begin to fight...which would make them look rather silly :P

21 Nov 11, 14:06
Hello Ron,

Be welcome to BWB!

Please feel free to ask any questions.

BWB has the "Beginners Forum" as the place to ask for any doubts you can have in addition to other forums where you can participate with members in their discussions and debates.

Here are very knowledgeable members that can be of some help and give some very good advice.

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21 Nov 11, 14:09
Welcome again, Ron. I think your dream is admirable. The International Buddhist College (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Buddhist_College) in Thailand is attempting something similar. They work to promote mutual understanding and unity among the various schools and traditions. I don't think they have much chance to involve Vajrayana due to their location, but they give equal time to both Theravada and Mahayana.

21 Nov 11, 16:30
Welcome to the forum Ron ;D

21 Nov 11, 23:37


The answer to your question is NO.

Why does anything have to be modernised?

Whenever anything is " modernised " it gets diluted.

Why do you want Buddhism to be modernised?

How will you " modernise it?

The dhamma as taught by the Buddah is as relevant today as it was when he taught it more than 2500 years ago.

As has been already said the coming together of Therevada and Mahayana is probably a good idea but there are too many philosophical and cultural differences for this to happen for many lifetimes.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam have tried to unify for many years but without any results.

I want my simple Therravada Buddhism left alone.