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14 Nov 11, 23:12
You may not be aware that there is a feature for spell-checking before you post.

Spell checking is not a function of the forum software, it's a browser function. Different browsers have different approaches to spell checking and the forum software tries to co-operate with all of them.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer needs activation of a plug-in called ieSpell. If it's not already installed, you get a message about it after clicking on the spell-check icon (visible only to Internet Explorer users). The spell-check icon is made of the letters ABC and a green tick. Instructions on how to use it are on the ieSpell web site.

Google Chrome
Chrome has a spell-check built in, and it marks words needing attention with a wavy underline. Right-click a marked word to get a list of suggested corrections or add the word to your dictionary.

Safari on Mac uses the OS X spell checker and marks words needing attention. To enable it if not already on, click Edit on the menu bar and select Spelling->Check Spelling as You Type. If you press Control-Left-Click while pointing to a marked word, you'll see a list of suggested corrections or you can add the word to your dictionary.

The Firefox browser does not seem to support a spell-check.

So there you are. If you want to have some help with spelling, the choice of browser you use determines how much help you will get.


15 Nov 11, 03:35
Thanks Woody IMO my spelling has started to deteriorate a fair bit.

16 Nov 11, 05:43
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Woodscooter.;D

16 Nov 11, 10:49
I'm on internet explorer and have iespell installed but when I use it, it messes up the words, I'll see if I can show you what I mean
spelling the sentence below wrongly and then running the iespell turns it from this,

Todey at 11:43 I ran the spll chck
to this
Todayey at 11:43 I ran thspelllcheckck

16 Nov 11, 17:04
Oh, horrible result. I will try it out for myself and will get back to you.

-- WS.

18 Nov 11, 11:37
Well, Karma, I installed iespell on my Internet Explorer and found it worked OK for me. I could highlight individual words and right click, or I could highlight the whole post and right-click, for it to stop at each mis-spelled word and present a list of alternatives.

I found that clicking on the ABC icon did not run the spell checker for me, though. It did nothing at all.

So I can't suggest what's wrong with the spell check for you. I'm using Internet Explorer 9, what version are you on?


18 Nov 11, 13:13
I'm also using Internet Explorer 9.

I wasn't highlighting the text, I was just clicking the iespell button at the top of the page. When I highlight the text it does indeed work fine.