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02 Nov 11, 21:48
I may be overlooking something very obvious, but I understand how to reply to a thread with a single quote from another, but can't work out how to do multiple quotes from various threads! A point in the right direction would be very much appreciated - thanks! :hands:

02 Nov 11, 23:29

...but can't work out how to do multiple quotes from various threads!
There's no easy way to do multiple quotes from various threads.

If you want to quote from different threads, you have to cut, paste and use the quote icon to assemble your post.

If you are doing this, please help us all by including the names of the various threads you are picking from. Otherwise it will not be clear what you are referring to.

There is an easy way to do multiple quotes from one thread, though, and maybe this is what you mean.

Read through the thread, clicking on the Multi-Quote icon in each of the posts you want to quote, in the sequence you want them to appear. You can cover several pages like this, but all the posts must be within the same thread.

The Multi-Quote icon looks like this:http://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/images/buttons/multiquote_40b-hover.png, and you will see it in the lower right corner of every post.

For the final quoted post, click on "Reply with quote" instead of Multi-quote. This will take you to a posting page with all your multiple quotes in place.

When quoting, our software always reproduces the whole post. You can sharpen the focus by deleting some parts of the quoted posts in your edit -like I did in quoting the original post at the start of this reply. Be careful to preserve the [ QUOTE ] and the [ /QUOTE ] marks, though, otherwise you'll mess up the quoting format.

03 Nov 11, 16:03
Its possible to copy and paste by clicking on the quote icon in your reply box (the one that looks like a speech bubble) and pasting text in between the 2 quote brackets

[ ]like this[ ]

You can also put the name of the person you are quoting inside the first set of brackets, like this.... [QUOTE=ToothFairy] ...don't leave extra spaces inside the box next to the brackets otherwise it won't work

07 Nov 11, 16:21
thank you both for your help ;D