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Karma Yeshe
23 Oct 11, 04:42
A short Video on the Importance of Regular Meditation Practice...


23 Oct 11, 05:16
Thank you for posting Karma Yeshe.

I also found the section on how we see and what we do with our leisure time very useful.

23 Oct 11, 19:10
No way to learn meditation correctly without a Lama? I think he is wrong about this

Karma Yeshe
24 Oct 11, 00:52
No way to learn meditation correctly without a Lama? I think he is wrong about this

I can only speak from my prespective as a student in the Kagyu Lineage of TB.

I do agree with Rinpoche that in the Kagyu Lineage it is absolutly inperitive to have a qualified Lama to give Teachings and Enpowernments as well as to clear up the mistakes and misconceptions the we are all prone to.

Other types of Buddhism might be different in this regard but I am not qualified to speak about that with any authority.

All the Best.

24 Oct 11, 02:48
thank you for posting Karma Yeshe

i listened to the video and thought it to be excellent

when Rinpoche used the word 'lama', i sensed he used it rather generically

he certainly emphasised self-reliance and said a lama is recommended for initial instruction

kind regards ;D

24 Oct 11, 09:13
I can also see that Rinpoche was using the term broadly, possibly to mean " qualified teacher " in the way Element inclusively has suggested above.

Also as I am another student in the Kagyu lineage I would like to add that within my sangha, my teacher has discussed how there can be a tendency for people to feel that they have already accomplished something simply by having received an initiation ( especially in a group ) , and then do not go on to actually practice.

As the Gyalwang Karmapa suggested recently when I listened to a talk online, and as my own teacher mandates, there is more benefit for people to be investigating and requesting an initiation, in that aspiration to receive it and resolve to practice it once they have been granted the initiation will be present.

24 Oct 11, 22:40
Though I haven't actually watched the video quite yet (I will), I will give a quick response. I always think no matter what kind of meditation one is engaging in, it is quite helpful to have a teacher, at least one that can give a specific method, as well as answer any questions from their own experience that may come up along the way.

Now of course, in terms of Vajrayana this is imperative. But this is completely different. Even still, though the initiations, the transmissions, and the blessings of the teacher and lineage are of paramount importance, of equal importance is for one to fully engage in the practice. no one can do that for us, and it is always a good reminder.