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07 Sep 11, 11:22
I enjoyed reading this(2 small pages)

Generosity or Dana

The First of the Six Perfections

by Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

"I am not saying that you should go home and clear out all your things – that is not the point.
The point is this question of opening the heart, of really being able to rejoice in giving to others – not just material things.

Material things are good things to start with but we can also give other things like our time, our sympathy, being there when others need us, giving fearlessness.



07 Sep 11, 11:51
Thank you for sharing Aloka - it is a lovely, well-written piece ;D

07 Sep 11, 23:08
the buddha taught there are at least three kinds of gifts:

(1) the gift of material things & helpful acts

(2) the gift of safety (lit: "no fear") or harmlessness

(3) the gift of equality

And what, monks, is the power of benevolence? There are four ways of benevolence; by gifts, by friendly speech, by helpful acts and by bestowal of equity.

This is the best of gifts: the gift of Dhamma.

And this is the best of friendly speech: to teach again and again Dhamma to those who wish for it and who listen attentively.

And this is the best of helpful acts: to arouse, instil and strengthen faith in the unbeliever; to arouse, instil and strengthen virtue in the immoral; to arouse, instil and strengthen generosity in the niggard; to arouse, instil and strengthen wisdom in the unwise.

And this is the best bestowal of equity: if a stream-winner becomes equal to a stream-winner; a once-returner equal to a once-returner; a non-returner equal to a non-returner; and an arahant equal to an arahant.

This, monks, is called the power of benevolence.

AN 9.5 (http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/nyanaponika/wheel238.html#book-10)