View Full Version : How to insert photograps and gif files from my computer correctly?

01 Sep 11, 08:46
Ever when I want to respond with a photograph or gif file from my computer it only can be shown as attachment. Is there an other way ? Others post photographs all the time and that attachment sheet does not show behind it.:confused:

01 Sep 11, 08:56
Hi Hajurba,

If you store your pictures at a free image hosting site like TinyPic then you can post the URL of the image from that website straight into your post, and don't need to upload it from your computer as an attachment.


01 Sep 11, 09:05
;D Thanks Aloka-D , I will try it out now!

01 Sep 11, 11:18
I use Photobucket. (http://photobucket.com/)

01 Sep 11, 11:27
I use Photobucket. (http://photobucket.com/)

Thanks FBM,

my son has a Photobucket side. Great! I will use his then.

02 Sep 11, 05:10
photobuckets urls are too long
especially when using more then one image,

its why i prefer tinypic

but if your just searching an image
& want too post it,
find the image alone on a page
copy the address or the page or url
& just put it in the image tag