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27 Aug 11, 03:55
For the past 20 years i have realised that everything is conected .I have noteist a
lot of strong paterns to do with numbers like 101 and 113 .I don,t know if this part of
some wierd love triangle But i don,t want my life manipulated by the system .
But it seem no matter what i do i carn,t seem to avoid the circle of events But
my fears and dreams are all played out in eveything i see it,s like having my own tv
program .Even voe i can see the big picture there is a smaller picture being played out.
And i don,t know if it is for better or worse please can you help .

27 Aug 11, 04:13
Some how it is like the world is manipulating my destiny witch is contry to to Budhist Beliefs .There is
Blind spot in my coseption . And that is who knows what and why . And is the world realy makebelieve like
it has allways seemed to be .If it then there is a god and things have allways
been perfect .Super Tramp did a record called crisis what crisis it
explains a lot life is one big con but perfect con has real to work .

27 Aug 11, 05:18
I have bipoler disorder witch i belive is a conditions that has devoleped so the world can get away with
playing the came .I have tried my best to get back to some sort of realty in the past three years by
becoming a Budhist . Yet there allways seems to one rule for me and a differnt rule for everyone
else .It is like my life is fixed and i hate it .It is like being in a prison without walls .If i can find love it is no
longer a prison .I do not want to escape you can not run away from your problems you have
to solve them some how .But this problem was self imposed from the begining of time and it is not
about good or evil it is about love the greatest gift god can give .

27 Aug 11, 06:11
If i can find love it is no longer a prison ...
hello Luv22

i also hope you can find love

27 Aug 11, 06:28
Oh dear Luv22.......I had to look this up. I did not know much about Bibolar Disorder. I found this link :

BIPOLAR DISORDER HELP GUIDE (http://www.helpguide.org/mental/bipolar_disorder_symptoms_treatment.htm)

Maybe you know this link already. But there is one sentence that strikes me most. It reads:

"There is more to treatment than medication. Medication alone is usually not enough to fully control the symptoms of bipolar disorder. The most effective treatment strategy for bipolar disorder involves a combination of medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, and social support."

Do you have access to medicine and therapy?

27 Aug 11, 07:17
Hi Luv22,

I'm hoping that as you're aware of having bipolar disorder, that you're getting some professional help.

I'd like to mention a book which many people have found helpful. You could probably get it cheaply at Amazon, or maybe your local library could get it in for you if they don't already have it.

Its called "The Mindful Way Through Depression" and also has a CD with it.


You could also ask your doctor if its possible for you to get Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. More about that here:


with kind wishes to you,


29 Aug 11, 12:43
in this instance im reminded
of a quote the budda once said;

the mind is everything
'what you think is what you become'

04 Sep 11, 04:31
I would like to say i have strong belief of budhism but i have a great understanding of jesus and
what he was try to say . But it seem to me that a lot Christians become hipercrits when it comes to what
he had to say .Even me. We are all flawed when it comes to trying to do the right things .That is why i
believe in the balance between right and wrong .But everyone see right and wrong differntally So you have
to try to keep everyone happy with one exception no cruelty or hurting anyone against there will .

06 Sep 11, 09:11
Hi Luv 22

There is a lot of confusion in life for everyone. I imagine it can be more confusing for bi polar people.
Confusion isn't pleasant but it is good to realise your confusions. Take it easy; remember that some people are very confused an don't realize it.
As for hypocrites, maybe they get confused too. Try not to feel too badly about people. I know its not easy.:peace: