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17 Aug 11, 19:03
for more then a week ive been looking
for a mala,
but im picky & i kno what i want...

black onyx, 36 small 5 too 8mm bodhi beeds & a red tassel
red for luck
not too long with maybe om mani pad me hung
on the beads,
im fine with a 108 bead mala
i really like this style tho,

please forgive me if im focusing
too much on vanity

does anyone have any sites for a beautiful mala'???

17 Aug 11, 19:10
Hi sammi,

I only know of places in the UK- there's one here:


18 Aug 11, 12:10
I have a question about mala counters. (Wasn't sure if I needed to start a new post?)

If anyone uses them and also, if they're attached to the mala, which hand do you use to move the counters?

Apologies if this should be self-explanatory, but have found myself musing about this for a while now and would like to satisfy my curiosity :hands:

18 Aug 11, 13:31
Hi Moonfeet,

When I was a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner I used to use a mala with my left hand and move the counters with the right hand. (I'm Theravadin now and don't chant mantras any more)

I think I'll move this thread to the Mahayana/Vajrayana forum which is the best place for it......... perhaps after Sammi has seen it and posts in it again.


18 Aug 11, 15:58
thank you aloka-D
after clicking the link i book marked immediately

for more then awhile now ive wanted
a new mala
something that reflected me
so ive been constantly searching

when i use a mala i hold it in my right hand
start from the guru bead & go counter clock-wise

i see my mala as a part of me
i think its why im so picky,
even with thread being 3, 6 or 9
strands representing the three jewels
nd the beads the person

when im afraid or nervous i do a mantra
no matter where i was i felt safe as long
i had my mala & my mp3 player

the overall purpose of all mala beads
is to create a sense of tranquility and inner-peace
for not only the individual,
but for the community as a whole

18 Aug 11, 16:12
Hi Sammi,

Yes I agree that mantra recitation can be calming and helpful when one feels anxious.


I'm going to move this thread to the other forum now.


18 Aug 11, 16:41
=O i was listening too this before i clicked it,

18 Aug 11, 16:46
=O i was listening too this before i clicked it,

I think we both posted the videos at the same time! :lol:

18 Aug 11, 20:54
I ordered 2 wrist malas and a 108 bead mala from Destination OM and have been very pleased with them. You can tell that they're made with care. They ship from Canada. http://destinationom.ca/

27 Aug 11, 02:42
There's also http://www.custommalashop.com

28 Aug 11, 14:08
thank you both,

tho im still looking
im more then happy with these links,

ive bookmarked both

13 Nov 11, 02:01
It seems even Dharma takes the shape of this technological age. Though I do use a mala too, I also use one of those little battery operated electronic counter thingies! Recite a mantra, push the button! Although maybe it doesn't have the same feel of sandalwood running through your thumbs and fingers...


But it is handy for accumulating certain amounts of mantra, for example.