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08 Aug 11, 01:00
Hello everyone!

I don't usually do introductions. I usually lurk around on forums before I decide if it's worth posting. but right off the bat, I want to post a lot here and ask questions. I want to really know and understand.
About me: I am very new to Buddhism. I knew nothing at all about it a few months ago. I am a 20 year old transgendered male. I was raised as a Christian my whole life. I went on and off being a Christian the past decade, but it never really let me feel satisfied, spiritually. And for obvious reasons, I have issues dealing with the majority of Christians and their beliefs. I just finally realized that the only reason I was a Christian was because I knew I wasn't an atheist, and I didn't know a single thing about another religion. I really just randomly choose Buddhism to start learning about. And I must say, it's really appealing and fascinating to me. I don't know very much about Buddhism yet, but I do love what I have learned. It seems a very beautiful and peaceful religion. I like what I've read about compassion in Buddhism.
I think finding religion is about finding what corresponds to my beliefs, and what I've learned so far about Buddhism does just that.

I would like to read as much as I can, and ask questions, and learn.
Thank you.

08 Aug 11, 01:03
Hi Gene,

Thanks for the kind words about yourself. Be welcome to BWB.


08 Aug 11, 01:55
Welcome to BWB. I wish you well on your journey. ;D

08 Aug 11, 07:04
Wecome to the group, Gene, and thanks for telling us a little about yourself.

with kind wishes,


08 Aug 11, 08:27
Hello and welcome ;D

08 Aug 11, 08:53
Welcome, Gene. I hope you find compassion and insight in Buddhism. :peace:

08 Aug 11, 10:49
Welcome Gene :hands: