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07 Aug 11, 12:58
Hello! I'm new here... not only that but I'm new to Buddhism. Christian gone Buddhist to be specific. It's hard because my parents are hardcore Christians, and I haven't told them about my descicion yet... I came to a point where dying and sitting on a cloud watching the rest of humanity suffer didn't sound like such a great deal after all... in fact it didn't even sound realistic. What God would create man in his image and give them everything even though he was laughing in the back of his mind because he knew we were going to screw it up? I think not.

For a long time I have believed that if we do what we think is best in life we can only die to move on to bigger and better things. I have also believed that there will come a time in which one can be at peace with existence and no longer want or worry or suffer... Then my boyfriend told me about Buddhism, and it seemed to be exactly what I had been following independently! But there are still some things I font get... like the different branches of Buddhism (I think there are three??)... any help introducing me to some of the Buddhism basics would be very

Thank you all:)

07 Aug 11, 13:14
Welcome to the group, Battered Rose - and thank you for your introduction.

You might like to read and listen along to 'What is Buddhism' pinned at the begining of the Buddhism for beginners forum topics - and then read 'On the four Noble Truths' which is pinned next to it. These are some of the core teachings of the Buddha.

There are two main Theravada and Mahayana traditions with different schools within these and Theravada contains the original teachings of the Buddha without later additions.

To find out a little about Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism there is a short article at the begining of the topic list in the General Buddhist Discussions forum called Theravada/Mahayana Buddhism.

I also recommend listening to any of the superstition-free talks by Ajahn Sumedho on this site below...


..and we also have some resources in our Study Links

with kind wishes,


07 Aug 11, 14:43
Welcome to the board, Battered Rose! I agree with getting the basics and there is some great info on this site. You can also check iTunes for podcasts like AudioDharma or Zencast just to name a couple. ;D

07 Aug 11, 17:20
Welcome to the forum Battered Rose!


08 Aug 11, 07:31
Hello and welcome Battered Rose ;D

08 Aug 11, 07:50
Hi, BatteredRose! Hope you find something helpful and interesting here... :peace:

22 Aug 11, 14:48
Greeting from a fellow new member that came from a similar background as you, I applaud your courage.

25 Aug 11, 02:39
Be welcome B.R.
You are going to make it! :hands:

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26 Aug 11, 17:22
Hi Battered Rose. Welcome to BWB. ;D