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28 Jul 11, 02:07

I'm new to Buddhism well not really i have always had a interest in it but not to the point of actually pursuing it but now i would like to go further with it.;D

I'm just a little overwhelmed with so many sects ,Schools the ones i have read up on are Zen, Nichiren, Shambhala, New Kadampa, and some others any help would be appreciated. thank you. :peace:

28 Jul 11, 02:16
Hi and welcome, Jupitermadcat. I hope you find what you're looking for. On the mainpage, you should be able to find sub-fora for each of the major branches. Happy reading.

28 Jul 11, 02:17
Welcome to BWB Jupitermadcat!


28 Jul 11, 03:06
Hello jupitermadcat,

'Nasamte'? Or you meant http://yogahouseinstitute.com/sitebuilder/images/Namaste_Logo-150x106.jpg

28 Jul 11, 19:28
Namaste sorry lol.