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16 Jul 11, 03:24
Finally, I found an *active* message board for Buddhism! I am completely new to Buddhism in the formal sense, but having read up quite a bit online, a lot of the ideas and such resonate with me already. The Theravada tradition (is it called a tradition? Denomination? hmm...) is what I identify with from what I've read, but I'm still open and learning about other paths. Anyway, I'm addicted and I can't learn enough, but it's overwhelming and I'm excited to take it slow.

I'm from Columbus, Ohio, but originally from California. I've got two beautiful kids, girl and boy (both very young), and am just your basic geeky girl :) So... hi!

16 Jul 11, 03:48
Hi and welcome, shadowspeak! Theravada is generally called a "school", I think. Hope you find something useful here... ;D

16 Jul 11, 04:13
Be welcome shadowspeak


16 Jul 11, 05:31
Hi shadowspeak, welcome to the group !

16 Jul 11, 10:49
Hi and welcome from me too shadowspeak

16 Jul 11, 14:39
welcome, nice to have you here

16 Jul 11, 19:56
Welcome shadowspeak, good to have you here...