View Full Version : Greetings from El Paso, TX

13 Jul 11, 15:00
Hi, my name is Miguel, spanish for Mike.
I am half Mexican, half Chinese.
I was raised as a catholic but around 3 years ago I started reading about Buddhism and now I consider myself to be a Buddhist, in the sense that I follow the teachings of our Lord Buddha, accept the four noble truths and practice the eight-fold path as much as I can. I just do not have sangha members to interact with close to me, otherwise I would have taken refugee in the triple gem by now.
It is nice to meet you all.
May every sentient being find true happiness.

13 Jul 11, 15:04
Hello Mike (Hola Miguel)!

I am Mexican too with German grandparents. Nice you have joined us here!

Be welcome to BWB,


13 Jul 11, 16:27
Hi Mike
Welcome to BWB.

13 Jul 11, 16:45
Welcome Mike ! ;D

15 Jul 11, 20:36
Welcome Mike,

Would be nice living in El Paso at this time. Lucky you.