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07 Jul 11, 01:11
I'm a baby Buddhist. I identified as Catholic for years, but once I started to really pick apart my beliefs, as well as coming out, I started to realize that I hadn't lived like an actual Christian for years. So I started to think about what really resonated, and came to Buddhism. I'm getting married to my awesome partner in a few weeks and going to nursing school. Just wanted to introduce myself. I still know little about Buddhism and am really interested in learning more. So here I am. Hello fellow Buddhists!


07 Jul 11, 01:18
Hello Baby Buddhist,

Be welcome to BWB!


07 Jul 11, 01:19
Hello Em,

As another new buddhist its nice to meet you, you'll find plenty of useful support and advice here from the more experienced practitioners.

07 Jul 11, 05:42
Hi Em,

Welcome to the group, I hope you'll like it here! ;D

07 Jul 11, 10:49
Hi and welcome, Em! Is there anything in particular about Buddhism that resonates with you, or do you mean just in general? :)

07 Jul 11, 11:59
Welcome Em.

07 Jul 11, 21:10
The concepts of interdependence, things not having intrinsic value (not the right word), peace comes from within, and the thing that really got me interested in the first place was that the Buddha said something about not believing something simply because he said it, but to reason through it. A breath of fresh air from being Catholic.

07 Jul 11, 22:45
as well as coming out

Congratulations !

A breath of fresh air from being Catholic.

Indeed. Please feel free to ask us questions in the Buddhism for Beginners forum and we'll do our best to reply to them.

08 Jul 11, 02:07
Hello and welcome, BB.

Have you heard of the Stephen Batchelor book, "Buddhism Without Beliefs"? It might be a breath of fresh air for you. It was for me. :-)

08 Jul 11, 03:44
I'm a little overwhelmed by all the information here. Where should I look first? I want to both find out more and discuss some ideas but I'm not really knowledgeable enough to really debate anything, just explore and most importantly figure out how on earth to apply these things to my life.

08 Jul 11, 04:16
Hi Em,

A good place to start would be with 'What is Buddhism' which is an MP3 to listen to with the accompanying written text and also 'On the Four Noble Truths' both which are at the beginning of the threads in the 'Buddhism for Beginners' forum
You could also then have a look at the study section of the Buddhanet site. There's a link to that in our Study Links at the bottom of the main forums page.

with kind wishes,