View Full Version : "static.ak.fbcbn"

29 Jun 11, 22:49
Oops I think it should be "static.ak.fbcdn"...

What is this website that holds up my pages, and why is my browser contacting it when I load pages here?

-- And most importantly, how do I stop it?

30 Jun 11, 08:43
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The static.ak.fbcdn.net phishing warning is triggered by a broken advertisement link related to the new Facebook Connect service and Facebook is working to correct the problem.

The static.ak.fbcdn.net website is owned by Facebook and is used to serve up parsed data and application-related Ref handles when a user arrives at Facebook.com, so there is no real threat.

I'm going to remove the link to "Find us on Facebook" from the top of our pages, in case that is the reason you are getting these messages.

Please let me know after 24 hours whether this has fixed the problem for you.


30 Jun 11, 19:17
Thanks, WS.

I am real leery of FB and their well-known invasion-of-privacy "policies".