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26 Jun 11, 22:56
The forum software recently got an upgrade, and this included a new text editor. That's the thing into which you type when posting new replies or new threads, or Private Messages.

There are three alternative settings for the text editor, selected in your Profile to suit you.

It may be that the system has chosen the wrong one for you, and you may want to change it. There are instructions for this in the Technical Help forum, at post #7 of the topic Forum Software Upgraded.

Here's what it says:

Go to Edit Profile, then to General Settings, and look down the sections until you reach Miscellaneous Options.

The first of these is Message Editor Interface, with three options.

To get things back to the way they used to be, select the Standard Editor.

If you have any questions or comments on the text editor, please post in that thread in the Technical Help forum.


27 Jun 11, 01:40
Thanks Woody :hands: