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26 Jun 11, 03:48
Hi! I've been listening to Alan Watts' "Religion of No Religion" and the one track struck me especially hard. He is speaking about the particulars of life, and how people typically engage in those, and to humans who do not engage in the particulars, seem to fall out of life. He sums it up in sorts by mentioning rigi mu gair (My spelling of this is way off thus not allowing to properly research).

I was wondering the correct spelling of "rigi mu gair"? pronounced "ree gee moo gair". Or, a link to article(s) taking a closer inspection on the philosophy behind it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!!

26 Jun 11, 04:51
ri ji muge

To solve the problems of unifying the visions of the first two dharma worlds, we have to go to the third of these worlds, which is called ri ji muge. The name of this world is formed from the names of the first two, combined with muge, meaning "no block." It means that between ri and ji there is no blockage, there is no obstruction between the world's unity and its particulars. The world of the universal and the world of particulars are not incompatible. To demonstrate this, let's take two very different things -- for example, shape and color -- and see how they can be united. A shape can never be a color, a color can never be a shape, but shape and color can be joined in a single object. Think of color and shape as the first two dharma worlds. They can be united in an object -- such as a circle -- to form, metaphorically, the third dharma world.

The properly rounded person is an embodiment of the third dharma world, is both spiritual and material, is both otherworldly and worldly. This is the supreme attainment of a human being, to be fully both worldly and otherworldly, to avoid the extreme of one-sidedness. The person who is just a materialist ends up by being very boring. You can live the successful life of the world and own every kind of material refinement, have the most beautiful home, the most delicious food, the most marvelous yachts and cars, but if you have no touch of the mystical about you, material success will eventually become perfectly boring, and you will get tired of it. On the other hand, there are people who are purely spiritual, who live in a dry world where all luxury has been scrubbed away, and they are very intense people. When you are in the presence of an excessively spiritual person, you feel inclined to sit on the edge of your chair. You are not at ease.


26 Jun 11, 22:23
Thank you so much for the response. This will surely help my understanding/discovery of the topic.