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21 Jun 11, 23:55
Hi everybody, I guess this is the place to introduce myself, tell how I came to be interested in Buddhism, and explore my possible next steps. I apologize if I start to veer into "Buddhism for Beginners" territory with my questions.

A little while back now I went through a tough couple weeks (nobody passed away and I'm alright now). It was a medical thing, I suppose you could say, in which medication wasn't an option. In my search for anything that might help, I thought it might be a good idea to read stories of people that overcame incredible hurdles using positive thought or the power of the mind (I'd always been interested in these stories when I'd heard them and NOT been suffering myself in the past). I picked up the book Healing Power of Mind by Tulku Thondup, pretty blindly, thinking it'd be comprised of case studies like these.

Long story short (and as I'm sure many of you know), it was actually by a Tibetan Buddhist, I loved it, and now I'm hooked. I know there's something to this....something....real...about the way a clear mind makes me feel.

I've done some further reading, explored a little more, and now I'm here. And furthermore, I'm really conflicted as to where I want to go next with this newfound interest of mine. The closest Buddhist center/study to me is an hour away (not really sure I'm ready to up and join anything yet anyways....well, besides a message board) and there's just SO much reading material - I really don't know where to start.

Is there any reading or viewing, philosophical or biographical, you'd consider personally to be a be-all, end-all? I'd be curious to hear people's opinions. Do you think I'd benefit from picking up like a Penguin Classics' Buddhist Scriptures? Any general advice?

It's funny, I was just journaling that I definetely shouldn't start "grasping" at Buddhism itself....isn't that something....I don't know if I'll ever officially convert/declare/etc. But I'm interested, and it is getting worked into my life philosophy more and more with every new reading.

Know everyone's days are going good. Thanks for taking the time.

22 Jun 11, 02:55
Hi TheLetterL and welcome to the group !

I'm really sorry to hear that you've had a difficult 2 weeks and hope you're feeling much better now.

Can I suggest you read 'What is Buddhism' which is at the beginning of the topic list in the Beginners to Buddhism forum,and listen to the short accompanying MP3 ?

It might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Buddha's core teachings first - and perhaps you could browse the Buddhist studies section at the Buddhanet site (there's a link in our Study Links section at the bottom of the main forums page)

Any questions for the group are welcome in the Beginners to Buddhism forum.

with kind wishes,

Aloka-D ;D

23 Jun 11, 01:17
Thanks, Aloka-D. Buddhanet seems like a really great site - you could spend weeks on there! I watched a "Life of the Buddha" BBC Special from '04 on Google this afternoon too, and that was interesting.

Looking forward to exploring the forums!

23 Jun 11, 16:16
I watched a "Life of the Buddha" BBC Special from '04 on Google this afternoon too, and that was interesting.

Hi TheLetterL,

Watched this documentary this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hadn't seen it before and didn't realize it was there on Google. Cheers.

Aasha. :hands: