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15 Jun 11, 07:28
This is a link to a recent interview on Sunday 12th with Stephen Batchelor (in which he mentions his views on reincarnation beliefs etc)

I wondered if anyone had any comments after listening to it.

(top of list at link)



15 Jun 11, 15:37
Don't have the 'plug in' it seems, so it didn't work for me:read:

15 Jun 11, 17:02
Sri, click on the " download" button. Looks like either Windoze Media Player or Quicktime should work.

Good interview on Stephen's part. He seems to have found the direction I had rather hoped he would go with all this.

15 Jun 11, 17:30
Yes I clicked on the 'Download Audio' and got it right away.

15 Jun 11, 17:55
Thanks guys, I'll give that a go.