About Buddhism Without Boundaries

This lay Buddhist discussion forum is devoted to the study and practice of the teachings of the Buddha.

Our aim is to facilitate discussion across the boundaries and cultural differences of individual Buddhist traditions, in order to focus on the meaning and practice of the Buddha's core teachings.

We encourage free enquiry and critical exploration of Buddhism in the modern world. Progressive Buddhists who can share their experience and understanding, as well as practitioners who have an interest in Early Buddhism and the Pali Canon Suttas, are welcomed into the community.

In a spirit of friendship and discovery, we look forward to developing knowledge and insight with you in our Buddhist Forum, with the sincere wish that we can all extend deeper awareness into our everyday life and Dhamma practice.

Newcomers to Buddhism as well as non-Buddhists will find information and study resources here in our discussion group, as well as a beginners section. Questions may be asked and answered in an atmosphere of warm friendship and respect for the individual seeker.

Buddhism Without Boundaries has several discussion forums on site which include Discovering Buddha's Teachings for beginners questions about the teachings of the Buddha in the Pali Canon.

We also have a popular General Buddhist Discussions forum where all members can join in discussion on general Buddhist topics.

Our Beyond Belief Buddhist forum is a special discussion forum for sharing free enquiry and critical exploration of Buddhism in the modern world.

Newer additions to the website are the Early Buddhism Forum, Independent Buddhists where the possibility of a more contemporary approach can be explored, and also our Daily Life section.

Additionally we have the Tearoom chat forum where members can relax and chat to each other about off-topic subjects, play word games and watch music and comedy videos.

New members are always welcome here at our online Buddhist sangha and we welcome the sharing of common ground and open minded debate between lay followers of the Theravada and Mahayana traditions, including the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition and Zen.

Please read the Code of Conduct before posting.

Dharma or Dhamma means teachings of the Buddha. Nirvana or nibbana is the state of enlightenment. Study of the suttas or sutras. Sangha is the community of Buddhists, the Four Noble Truths.Buddhism discussion forum. Buddhist Internet Group Buddhist Internet forum Buddhist forum Buddhist chat group Buddhist discussion group The site is a Buddhist forum including Thai Forest tradition Buddhadasa Bhikkhu Ajahn Sumedho Nanavira stream enterer sotapanna

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