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Thread: Can you believe in God and be Buddhist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhammachick View Post
    I'm also a Jew and a Buddhist and find (and hope) that trying to walk the Middle Way, helps me become a better Jew (that's my aim).
    Apart from the violence & warfare of the early Mosiac teachings, the Jewish teachings of the OT express a clear search for wisdom & later social justice.

    Unlike Xianity, the Jewish teachings are more concerned with lawfulness & natural truth rather than a Godhead Personality (aka Jesus Christ).

    Thus, imo, the Jewish people, who have often regarded family relationships, education, intelligence & truth highly (rather then personality worship), are naturally attracted to the scientific character of Buddhist spiritual analysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeeknShinjin View Post

    Souldnt we ask what others mean by their belief in God?

    What if god to them is Nirvana? Not a supernatural being who controls all.
    You raise an interesting point. Mainstream theism tends to be of the dualistic 'worshipper praying to deity' kind but this is not the entire story. There are non-dual monist traditions and teachings where god is not portrayed as a supernatural being who controls all (eg. Kashmir Shaivism).

    Certainly buddhism cannot be the only way to liberation, right?
    As far as these traditions are concerned, they have authentic liberation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Ange View Post

    Many believe that Jesus was influenced by the Teachings of Guatama Buddha.

    I am both Christian and Buddhist, and very satisfied and at peace with my beliefs, because of the similarties.

    Also, there are many of these "Similarties" between Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

    Yes I read a story about " the rich father and his lost son" both in the Bible and the Lotus sutra. It is a depicting about how Buddha care for us beings who wandered away from his home, and forgot he was so nobel and rich in his father's house. The lost son even became a begger and traveled a hard journey everywhere. When the begger came to his father's house, he even thought the rich man might disrespect and harm him. By some means the rich man get the begger settled down to work from the worst and dirty jobs till he gain confidence that he really has the quality to be a good manager of the mansion, and then he recognized his real ID as the son of the rich man.

    We are once lost and found, and this story appear both in Christrianity and Buddhism. They seem to have something in common.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aloka View Post
    Hello Valujira,

    Its very likely that Jesus came across the Buddha's teachings and was influenced by them.

    Its also the case that some people prefer to mix in the Buddha's teachings with Christianity or other beliefs, including a New Age mixture. I guess it depends on what and how people want to practice as individuals.

    For an alternative viewpoint to mixing belief in a creator god with Buddhism, this is an article called "Do Buddhists Believe in God"
    Very interesting article.

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    You can believe in anything that you wish to believe in. Don't concentrate on achieving "Nibana"... Just do good each day you are here. Worrying about whether or not you can achieve Nibana is a "Desire"....

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    If you follow the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn it is entirely possible to believe in God and be a Buddhist. He does a wonderful job of explaining this in his book two books "Living Buddha, Living Christ" and "Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as brothers"

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